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Our Work

As a veteran science educator at a Portland public school, I have been impressed with Plantology's  involvement and dedication in creating a functional outdoor learning space at our school. They worked diligently with our administration and teachers in creating lessons to maximize our newly created learning space once built.  Further, Plantology assists with curricular activity and co-leading lessons "in the field". As a result, my fifth and sixth grade science students have benefited tremendously from learning activities made available by the construction of our gardens and outdoor classroom. This work in uniting the outdoors with instruction at our school has been unparalleled.

Dietrich Nebert

Middle School Science Teacher

A Day in a School Garden

Plantology has been a tremendous support to our primary teaching team.  They are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating authentic outdoor learning experiences for students.  I love that I can go to them with an idea in mind and they help me add on to my lesson plans by suggesting different activities or resources.  Our school is lucky to have such a dedicated and knowledgeable organization to work with in guiding our outdoor learning program.

Alison Barron

Grade School Teacher

In the past few years, we have collaborated with Plantology to take fifth grade Common Core standards with fraction operations, geometry and measurement outside into the garden.  One of my favorite activities was devising a way to measure the amount of rainwater we could collect for the garden from our school's basketball structure.  It's so exciting for our students to be able to see how relevant and valuable their developing mathematical skills are to real-world situations!

Vi Tamargo

Grade School Math Specialist

Plantology's guidance, excitement, vision, and sensitive ability to listen to teachers and students helped us foster a deep connection to the land just behind our classrooms.  The children are connected to the land and want to take care of it.  Plantology has been instrumental in connecting the students and teachers to natural systems.

Debbie Gorenstein

2nd Grade Teacher

Plantology has been an inspirational force behind creating Riverdale Grade School's campus learning space. For the past three years under their passionately gentle guidance, our 7th and 8th grade leadership students have been enriched with incredible experiential learning opportunities, e.g. helping students design the space and prioritizing it's authentic identity, teaching the importance of building community business partnerships to secure necessary materials, and encouraging them to develop essential features to contribute to a productive environment.

Lori Peterson

School Counselor

Our school garden and outdoor classroom created by Plantology allows my students a natural environment for reflecting on their experiences after returning from Outdoor School as well as providing a hands-on opportunity for the pre-learning before they attend ODS.

Brian Black

Middle School Teacher

Plantology was able to not only articulate vision for our school garden, but also developed the pathways to create the necessary funding.

Terry Brandon

Riverdale School District Superintendent